About Us

DocBuddy® was founded in November 2014 in Denver, Colorado. DocBuddy's value proposition is centered around the time savings that we deliver to a provider's workflow and daily practice. Our mobile application solution will streamline a provider's workflow to allow them to deliver improved patient care, higher productivity, and increased data accuracy. To see our products in action, please use our Request a Demo form today!

DocBuddy delivers simple mobile workflow solutions for healthcare providers.


Our users report saving an average of 90 minutes / day using the DocBuddy app. This significant time savings can be attributed to the speed, mobility, and accuracy of our product. Utilizing the DocBuddy solution, providers can centralize and streamline their access to electronic medical records with their mobile device. This includes being able to manage and dictate all of their patient notes through the most cutting edge voice recognition software built right into the app. The patient data is sent automatically to the appropriate fields inside the EMR.

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